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Welcome to the official informational web resource dedicated to the Crimean Spring events!

Here you will find the most reliable and objective information on events landmark for Crimea and all Russia happened in February – March 2014. Our web portal presents a selection of thematic photos and videos, as well as testimonies of witnesses and participants of the Crimean Spring – heroes of these historic days.

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/ Sergey Aksyonov
The All-Crimean referendum was held on March 16, 2014 where the vast majority of the peninsula residents voted for reunification with Russia. The referendum became a legal instrument by which the will of the Crimean people, their desire for freedom and justice were realized peacefully, within the framework of the UN Charter, Crimean Constitution and international norms. On March 18, an interstate treaty on accession of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia was signed at the St. George Hall of the Kremlin. Historical justice, impaired by illegal, authoritarian and irresponsible decisions of politicians, was restored! Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin emphasized the sacral role of Crimea in the history of our Motherland. I am confident that this website will become a digital museum of our common victory. The value of information posted here will only grow over the years. Dear compatriots! You gave an impressive example of patriotism, civic maturity, responsibility and unity to the world. Thank you for your work, patience and faith!
Vladimir Konstantinov /
The website "Crimean spring" tells about the historical facts that occurred in Crimea in the spring of 2014. For us, these days filled with worries and hopes will always remain the most vivid memories: in fact, Crimeans made history at the time! In February-March 2014, we were able to show to the world that our political will is adamant, we can defend our principles, achieve our aim and win. We fought for the Truth, and this our struggle continues. So we are vitally interested in the most truthful and accurate reflexion of those turbulent and glorious days. Debates about events of the Crimean Spring continue thus far, and they will not end soon. It is obvious that enemies of Crimea and haters of Russia do not need the truth really. But our friends all over the world are interested in it as we, Crimeans, are. It is beyond argument that the Internet resource Crimean Spring is an important tool in the struggle for the triumph of Reason and Justice.
/ Oleg Belaventsev
March 2014 was marked by an important event, which is of great importance not only for Crimea and Russia, but also seriously affected the whole world. The inhabitants of the Crimean Peninsula voted at the General Referendum to once again become one with the Russian Federation. During events of the Crimean Spring, Crimeans of different nationalities were ready to defend our blessed land to the last drop of blood. Everyone wanted to live in interethnic peace and harmony, to have freedom of political choice. The 16th of March, the day of the referendum, and the 18th of March, the day of signing the treaty between the Russian Federation and Republic of Crimea, became one of the main holiday dates for the entire country. Now we should not only look in the past proudly but also strive for the glorious future. I think that the website of the Crimean Spring is a worthy reminder of the contribution of Crimeans to the country's history, it is a digital museum of our common victory in the struggle for return of Crimea to Russia. Dear residents of the peninsula, thank you for your work, patience and faith!